Economically Feasible Home Security System

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This is an IoT based project which is designed for home security. This project is designed for home security of each and every citizen of our country. Not like other security systems, the objective of this project is that it is economically feasible i.e. every common man can afford it.

The result of this design will allow people to go anywhere without keeping their home’s security at risk. This idea is applicable using a Raspberry Pi, an android application for controlling the commands between user and the system, proximity sensor, an Infrared sensor, a camera.

The doors will be having a proximity sensor and a camera for recognizing the person. If someone comes near the door, his/her image will be captured and sent to the user(owner) to the android application. The owner will have many options depending upon the person at the door. He can open the door, call/sms the people in his SOS list or can ring the anti-theft alarm.

The system also include security through other means of entering into the house. At every possible entry, infrared sensors will be installed. If anything passes through that, an instant notification will be sent to the user.

The system also include a ‘Night Mode Alert’ i.e. between 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. or any other time customized by the user, the Night Mode will be activated. The same process will be followed but with more protection. The phone will start ringing with the notification until the user manually stops it. As the whole system is user friendly, all the actions will be controlled by the user through the android application which is also protected by a password and fingerprints of the user.


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    Srinath Thapa
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    Anirudh Makkar Kajal Kashish Goyal
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