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We aim to make a device that analyzes and detects all type of pollutions like Soil, Water, Air, Noise. It will be handy and useful for the average person; they can use smartphones to access the application. Thus we call it SWAN-PD (Soil, Water, Air, Noise Pollution Detector).

There are separate devices present to monitor Soil, Water, Air, and Noise Pollution, but there is no such product in the market yet that has the combination of four in one pollution monitoring modules. Also, there is no such application launched yet in the market, or in any app store which allows us to analyze pollution and the diseases that are caused by pollutants.

SWAN-PD is divided into four modules and one application.

a. These four modules i.e. Soil, Water, Air, Noise will be tried and tested individually and then these will be combined together to form a single module.
b. To reflect the readings from four modules to an application.

SWAN-PD will analyze and calculate the amount of pollution around it. If people having medical issues with them, then SWAN-PD will show that this environment is not suitable for the diseases they are suffering from, and will provide a list of precautions required for the diseases.

This product helps people to know about the pollution at any place, as we all know that pollution is increasing day by day and the diseases that are spread by it are harmful. This project is unique as there is no such product in market that is handy and has the ability to analyze four pollutions at once and regarding that pollution the precaution for the disease entered by the user will be shown. It is very helpful as people want a device that is easy to use and easy to carry which will help them with health issues.

After our survey in the market no such product has been made which provides a combination of these four pollution module in one module which is handy and can be carried out. This idea is not yet presented in the market. Therefore, there is no competition to our project. It can be applied to the agriculture sector and tourism. Precaution feature that will help them with their health issues they are having.


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    Chirag Sharma
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    Chirag Sharma, Akhil Malik
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    Our day to day problems regarding pollution.
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    IoT Technology combined with java
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