Health Watch Companion

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The Health Watch is different from a fitness watch which not only helps to burn calories or reads the heart beat; it is also one step ahead in maintaining a balanced diet for people who often miss their proper nutrients in their food in the day to day busy life. This watch is built with all types of sensors which monitor the quantity of water a person is taking by evaluating the blood sample. Eventually it alerts the person if he is in short of water intake. It monitors the consumption of food by respective person and gives the nutritional comparative statistics at the end of the day daily. It tracks the pulse rate and warns if there is any change in blood pressure. These data’s can be paired with a smart phone and can be easily evaluated by anyone. Also the watch can sense the sudden change of aggravated heart beat which leads to heart attack and can warn the person by triggering alarm in watch/smart phone. Eventually it will also send SOS to dear ones at the instant. Health watch will truly become a diet companion for people who really miss a balanced diet in their life.


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    Dinesh Kumar G
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