Pulsed DC Magnetic Engine with Anti-Gravity

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The Pulsed DC magnetic engine is circular in design with fixed magnets on the outside of the centre wheel that runs on a bearing. There is an outside housing that holds the pulsed DC magnets one to oppose every fixed magnet, the engine operates off the rule like poles repel so when just before crossing over of magnets the outside pulsed magnet is fired to repel the inside magnets on the rotor wheel which are permanent. So the outside magnets are pulsed magnets repelling the wheel in the direction depending o te fire angle of fixed and pulsed magnets intersect. This gives circular rotary motion happening, this motion can be used to drive a generator on the output to supply power to the input. The required input to run the pulsed magnetic power supply is 20 ma with a reluctant circuit that is similar to one used in a pulsed DC magnetic flowmeter power supply that uses 20 ma to excite coils and caused a huge magnetic disruption that can move a screw driver size to side in the flowmeter tube about a foot with the 20 ma input, superconductors can also be applied to the concept with also only need 20 ma to excite cooled superconductors.

All applications that don't use a battery would have ageneratior set up on the output to supply the 20 ma to the input, generator efficiency can be increased by placing the DC generator on a pure nitrogen atmosphere where it cannot sustain the back eddy current due to the lack of magnetic and conductive oxygen surrounding the generator. Nitrogen is inert non conductive and non magnetic, this arengemt give the generator an anti gravity function repelling off the earths magnetic field and levitating . this is the dispulsion of lenses law for DC generators oxygen causes the whole thing use pure nitrogen environment instead to get anti- gravity going on motor with a generator on the output to supply the 20 ma to the input..these engines can be used anywhere as they don't require air only 20 ma DC to sustain the magnetic coli or superconductor operation in the engine. Uses are cars, trucks, toys, drills, circular saws, planes, aircraft scooters, motorbikes, of anything else that could use a small compact engine,power tools would have a generator on the output and uses. a battery that the generator recharges when in operation or you recharge the battery between uses. These pulsed DC motors will change the face of power tools for ever giving lightweight no cord or external power connection unrivaled power output and ease of operation for consumer and piece of mind you can't get electrocuted or ever have to look for a power outlet as the generator supplies power to the input of the application it being used in for the life or the appliance or engine applications. This engine system with built in recharging during use will cut downtime between charges or you recharge a battery with the external generator


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