Cazza is a 3D printing technology company that aims to change the world through our technology and construction services. We sell 3D printing construction technology that will make construction processes more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We also provide design, engineering and construction services to build 3D printed projects. Cazzaʼs roots began by noticing a massive gap in the efficiency of construction processes. This gap was responsible for major problems in the world today including air pollution, unsafe housing, and high living costs.

What makes our product relevant:

-This system will effectively remove the need of having personnel performing hands-on construction labor
-Full creative freedom for more intricate designs and more appealing structures
-Reduced usage and waste ...

The main objective of the project is to identify the water flowing in the tap when it has opened when there is no water.. When there is no water in the water tank, the people forget to close the tap at the time. Because normally they may not close the tap while there is no water in the tank. Due to these issues the water is getting wasted while refilling of the water tank. Every drop of water should be conserved; we are in need to give the solution for this problem. In which we are able to give a small contribution to preserve water through our design.

By means of the valve design, it locks ...

I would like to design an artificial design based wood cutting machine for kitchen accessories, factories and other work, so, best and accurate use of wood, machine is capable of wood carving art, wood cutting and taping in one place using Artificial Intelligence for accurate size and to best customize cutting size from market stander ed available size. It also has a safety option for humans, because some time cutting with woodcutters some humans by mistake lose some part of their body, and humans are not accurate like ...

1)Our brain filled with neurons, individual neuron cells connected to one another by dendrites & axons.

2)The Axons is long projection of nerve that can reach a length of tenth of centimetres, that conveys electrical pulses from the dendrites or Soma of neuron to next neuron . They have high variability of branching pattern and extend.

3)The signal are generated by difference in electric carried by ions on membrane of each neurons.

4)One of the most exciting areas of BCI research is the development of devices that can be controlled by thoughts. Some of the applications of this technology may seem frivolous.

5)Device that would allow severely disabled people to function independently. For a ...

ATOM-1.0 Humanoid Robot Vision.

It is important in today’s modern age of technology to have pioneers pushing forward to reach greater achievements. The robotics pioneer must have a vision, determination and not be easily discouraged by lack of project funding or criticism. Without great tech thinkers whose vision been before their time, where would our current technology stand.

Facing great challenges of pioneering new technologies can be a very painstaking process, one such pioneer is Dan Mathias, a Robotics Scientist whose background entails Engineering degrees in the disciplines of Industrial Electronics, Robotics and Control systems and 35+ years of building robots.

The ATOM 1.0 humanoid project is advancing robotics to support the needs in many fields and will solve ...

Augmented reality is a field of research which deals with the combination of the physical or real world environment with the computer-generated data. It is a live direct view of the physical or real world environment whose elements are augmented (or created) by computer graphics. Currently the problems faced in the construction industry are requirement of skilled workers, tedious measuring instruments, low accuracy level, more time consumption and low economy. So, our project presents an overview of research work focusing on implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) to simplify civil work by digitalizing everything just by using a handy device (mobile technology) to gain a high level of accuracy and completely eliminate measuring instruments.

Benefits: Faster work with highest accuracy, ...

AutiZmo is A Quantum Robot that can scan the Quanta of both Humans and Animals and determine the Thinking Patterns and also the Emotional Patterns, with Accuracy. This leads to understanding the present behavior and past influential experiences that caused it.

Initially designed for non verbal people as a translating tool with Autism in mind, it has expanded as an idea for Coma Patients, Stroke Victims and anyone who has lost their speech and can not express themselves, and also for Pet Owners to know their pets on a deeper level by understanding their Internal World.

This Device will Revolutionize the world of Autism as we know it and the world of Man's Best Friends.

AutiZmo is the onset of ...

Background: Over tightening of screws is common and results in damage to the screw’s thread.

I have developed a method which determines the optimal point in time to stop tightening the screw. The advantage over existing methods is that my method doesn’t require torque and rotation sensors and is therefore cheaper and easier to integrate into existing power tools.

The method on which the suggested invention is based happens to be well known in the field of mechanical engineering and is commonly termed "Yield Controlled Tightening" or "Torque to Yield." The method is best described by Figure 2 which shows a typical tightening torque of a screw relative to its tightening rotation angle.

As can be seen in ...

Nuclear reactors are the most hazardous areas where human intervention is not possible. Visual inspection is often required to inspect the reactors. To perform visual inspection a camera has to be placed inside the reactor. It is difficult to place a camera inside the reactor because that it will be damaged by the radiations from the reactors. So robots are the alternate option to send inside the reactors for the inspection of temperature, quality of welds and components. In such situations it is often required to obtain the ergonomic position of the robot. To overcome such problem, a robot with position monitoring system has been proposed. The main purpose of the paper is to develop a remote user interface ...

In the past decade, robotic systems have been used with increased popularity for explosive ordnance (EOD) missions. Advances in robotic technology have made it possible for robots to perform functions previously only possible by human workers wearing a blast suit. The primary advantage of using robotic systems for explosive ordinance disposal/diffusion is reduced risk to humans. The bomb diffusing robot which will help to improve defence of our nation from terrorist, suicide bombers and other such activities. The bomb detectors and disposal system works only with the presence of experts. But this way of analyzing takes more time and make risk to life of experts. The Bomb Disposal Robot uses a control application, at the user end to control ...

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