Fixtures for Fabricating Structural Members

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The Journey of finalization of object should undergo many mechanical operations such as milling, drilling, Turning, welding, Tapping. So in all these operations different types of fixtures are used for holding work pieces, my designed fixture helped in innovating in a Fabrication of structural members of an ATV. The total journey of any designed component or assembly completed with help of fixtures only these are the minute things when compared with the component but they play a very vital role in fabrication with Precised accuracy.

To reduce the time conception for clamping structural member's at 360 degrees while fabrication.
To increase the effectiveness dimensional accuracy in fabrication.

– The prime one is holding the independent members to our required shape.
– The assembly will be dealt very easily, that affects the growth of graph for mass production.
– Precision and Accuracy in fabrication is high.
– More user Friendly with low cost and less complexity in size

– Can be valid for only Limited sizes.
– Can be used for the hard metals only.
– High surface finish components cannot be used for holding them.


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    Emmadi Suresh Babu
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    By studying different types of mechanisms and their failures in present tools.
    To think about innovative designs.
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