Design and Fabrication of V-block Fixtures for Metal Holding Operations

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A fixture is a device used for holding the workpiece during the machining operation, more versatile to work as specialized machine tool even with the advancement of manufacturing industries. There is a continued use of fixture either in same form or other, either independently or combination with other system in machining fixture, minimizing work piece deformation due to clamping and cutting file is essential to maintain the machining accuracy. The various methodology used for clamping operation used in different application. The fixture step up for component is done manually for that more cycle time required for loading and unloading the material. There many type of fixtures and our project briefs about V – block fixture that we design and fabricate the v- block fixture for holding the sheet metal, engraving metals, cricuit board, naming in sheet metals. our fixture gives accuracy and clearance when machining the work piece. The simple construction of V- block fixture. It consist two part of fixture one is fixed with base and another one is movable. We have made the wire cut up to the 5mm thickness in centre of two part of the fixture to hold the work piece. The two part of the fixture mounted on the base. We using the screw clamp to adjust the work piece holding with the fixed v –block fixture and the screw clamp is most effective method for clamping the work piece. We made the fixture in mild steel materials. The mild steel is commonly used in fixture because it is low cost material that available among the steels.


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