Solution for Swinging Problem of Overhead Cranes

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This solution is based on this theory that the swinging problems are only created due to flexible wire and if the wire is inflexible then there will be no chance of swinging problem.

Mechanism: As per sketch there will be a plastic tube having diameter of 3 to 5 centimeters and the wires will be attached with this tube permanently. This tube will be closed from one end and second end will be connected with an air pump. A line of electromagnetic coil will be attached on the upper surface of this tube. This electromagnetic coil line will work to hold the rope (tube+wire) in exact position.

When this rope (tube+wire) will be unfolded to lift the weight then the air pump will work to fill the air in this tube and due to air pressure this rope (tube+wire) will become inflexible or rigid and there will be no chance of swinging after lifting up the heavy load.

In this way this solution will work.

Salient features:

(1)This will be a simple solution of this swinging problem.
(2)This will work with high efficiency in any extreme conditions.
(3)The tube will work only to convert flexible wire into inflexible as wire will work to hold the load .
(4) it will be a low cost,easy to maintain and time saving solution.

I have done some experiments to know the feasibility of this solution and this solution will work really .There is no doubt about the feasibility of this solution but if you have any doubts regarding understanding of this solution then tell me as I'm ready to clear all doubts.


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