Navisys - An Automated Guided Wheelchair

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The Automated Guided Wheelchair I have proposed allows any wheelchair user to be guided to a desired location on his own, as long as the building itself is adopted to the novel system. Unlike the state of the art, where no automation exists for guiding a wheelchair in modern buildings, this allows the owner of the least sophisticated wheelchair to explore public buildings with more ease than a normal person. In this project we intend to implement a working prototype, which fulfills the fundamental functions of the system. It can be further customized to the needs of system owners.

Our proposed solution empowers specialized robot cists to contribute software components that can be integrated into complete real-time systems. The framework also facilitates robotic software components reuse and portability across hardware platforms. Based on an indoor navigation and other related case studies we evaluated the advantages and the limitations of the framework in terms of ease of use, modularity and real- time capabilities.

Rather than comparing with the related research performed by others we embraced to give an overview of the research project we have previously done and come up with new implementations and added features with the aim, both for ourselves and the readers, to make our intuitively available framework more explicit and to give it a more fundamental basis.



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