Gear Chuck Cutter

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It consist of 6 parts:
2.Tool guider
3.Cutting tool
4.Feed controller

First, we place a blank under the base which coincides with the base and move the cutting tool near to the edge of the blank. The base reciprocate up and down to a limit of gear depth. Due to reciprocation the tool start cutting teeth.
To give feed the feed
4. Controller is rotate as per the feed requirement.
due to that the gear which is coupled to shaft start rotating and it rotate the disc.
5. Due to square thread mechanism(between disc and tool guider) the tool guider start moving and give feed the the gear.
6. After cutting a single gear we will take back the cutting tool and rotate the blank as per the requirement of the cutting tool.
7. After that we repeat the same step 1 to 7 until we will cut all the gears.
8. Please watch the video for clarification of working

The advantage of this Mechanism is that it can increase the speed of gear cutting reduce time it is new mechanism . It is fast , easy to manufature , time saving cost of tool decrease in this kind of machine.



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    Amit Mourya
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    i was doing industrial training in mahindra swaraj there my instructor said go and observe the gear cutting . the machine take great near about 10 to 15 minutes and i was bored there watching over again and again at that moment i thought i can make a machine better than that so i make this mechanism
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