Real Time Mobile Battery Charging System by Human Walking

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Nowadays, mobile phones were used by people all around the world. Think a moment while you are out somewhere and your mobile battery is too low. We need to rush to the nearest shop for charging or somewhere else in search of power socket. In this new era, there are many technologies have been arising today. Think if there is no electricity, then there should be some alternative methods to charge our mobile phones. More number of projects has been arising on this latest mobile phone charging technique. Many solutions have been proposed with the help of piezoelectric crystal, solar energy from sun and also by using wind power, sound energy, human body heat, and the electricity have been generated to charge our mobile phones.

The base part of the shoe is taken off inside where the components are placed. The motor is fixed with the gear box which boosts up the rotation for every small movement. The rack and pinion is made with (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) ABS in 3D Builder laboratory. Pinion is of 1.2 cm in diameter consists of 12 teeth similarly rack is of 4.2 cm and 4 teeth. On the shaft of the motor is placed a pinion and rack to the bottom plate on the shoe which is kept hinged. Compressive spring is fixed which helps to return the plate. Whenever, when we stepped spring store energy and helps the plate to return to the original position. While walking the rack moves down in such a way that helps to rotate the pinion. As it is fixed on the shaft of the motor it rotates. Thus motor will generate some electric energy nearly 4.8-5v which is sufficient enough to charge our mobile battery. Or else we can use any battery to store energy and used later when we need.

In our project, we use the shoe as a base material for charging the smart phone which is eco-friendly. The bottom part of shoe contains rack and pinion. The rack attached to the bottom portion of the shoe in a vertical manner which rotates pinion attached to the dynamo for the production of electrical energy. The output voltage is made to store on the four 1.5 v rechargeable battery which is connected in series.

This method of recharging our smart phone in a smart way of using the energy resource from humans and can be used to charge at any time of the day. By using this we can charge our other electronic things.

Keywords: Eco-friendly, Rechargeable, Rack and pinion mechanism.



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    Rahul M
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    m.rahul, m.praveen kumar, t.saravanakannan, t.s.gokul
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    The primary objective of this project is to use the renewable energy from humans. An active human will have nearly 2700 steps daily in their lifespan. We simply apply some force on the ground while walking. So, here we planned to generate energy from that.
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