Robert Mapes 4G Controlled Drone

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My entry is a Raspberry Pi3/Navio2 flight controller based drone
using ArduPilot, Linux, Mission Planner, and Gstreamer Open Source SW, state of the art HD cameras, and Onboard GPS

All traffic carried over 4G network
High Throughput, unlimited distance,
Low Latency, 5G ready
HD 1080p 30 fps streaming Video to GCS
Uses Gstreamer open source SW
Uses HDMI output from GoPro – bridges HDMI to CSI2
Telemetry signals use MavLink Protocol
Joystick Drone control signals use MavLink Protocol
RF Tx/Rx failover option for optional additional failsafe

On-board Vision Systems
GoPro on a 3 axis gimbal
HD 1080p 30 fps streaming Video to GCS
FPV camera that uses
5.8Ghz transmitter and antenna
to transmit video to Fatshark racing googles

Optional Campanion Computer (Nvidia TX2)
OpenCV, OpenKai SW
Precision Landing
Collision Avoidance, Object ID
Autonomous Flight
Hi Resolution HD video for 3D Mapping
Cell Tower Inspection

Sprint USB 4G LTE modems
Linux based (Netgear 341U)
Public IP addresses

Dell i7 Ground Control Station (GCS)
4G Network Drone Control
Mission Planner software
Saitek Joystick control of drone
GPS based autonomous missions


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  • Name:
    Robert Mapes
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    What inspires me and my designsare Open Source and the latest design kits now available from Nvidea, Intel, Qualcomm, and the wide open Art of the possible, enabled by the community of developers that are inspiring open source innovation and making my mind run wild with possibility!
  • Software used for this entry:
    Linux Raspbian Jesse, Gstreamer 1.0, Mission Planner, Ardupilot
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