Yielding Free Energy From Waste Heat in a Train Automated Fire Alarm

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In India thousands of railways travel everyday from one destination to another. The engine is the most important device of railway and it works on the principle of conversion of heat energy into mechanical energy.

A large amount of heat is dissipated through the fins from the engine when it starts and runs. The idea is to utilize this heat energy to generate electricity that may be used to lightening, cooling fan, charging of mobile/laptops and other appliances.

The idea of energy efficient railway for transportation seems to naturally introduce the concept of using waste heat to generate electricity to make the "Smart Railways." The main purpose of this project is to generate the maximum amount of voltage which can be used for above said purposes by thermo electric module.

In this project, a special sensor is placed to cut the power supply of the engine to stop the train and gives fire indication to the driver by an alarm.


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