Electromagnetic Reciprocating Compressor

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In a conventional Reciprocating Compressor there are a number of moving parts like the crank, connecting rod, belt drive system, and electric motor which contribute in frictional (mechanical) losses resulting in low efficiency. Also it is bulky in size and high maintenance required as it consists of motor, belt drive system, rotating parts. The capital and running cost of this type of compressor is high. All above disadvantages are overcome by an electromagnetic reciprocating air compressor. It works on the principle of electromagnetism. In this type of compressor almost all moving parts like the motor, belt drive system, crank, and connecting rod are eliminated from a conventional compressor. This result in higher efficiency than conventional reciprocating type compressor. It is compact in size. As it consists of very few parts its capital as well as running cost is low. One more feature of this type of compressor is it is silent in operation. Whereas conventional compressor produces very high noise.

Also to output pressure/volume we have to just change a few settings in electric circuit whereas in conventional type either we need to replace the motor or whole compressor which is costliest option.


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    Cost of compressed air is more also convectional compressors are not flexible in terms of capacity and transportation.
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