Floatable Bio-toilet During Flood

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Many villages of India are flooded at rainy season. Water pollution from sinking of toilet occurs. Many diseases are create and it creates plague. The Ganges and others rivers are polluted for it. Except it, place of leaving excreta is another problem.

To save Ganges & people from it I have thought of an innovation idea. The project ‘Floatable Bio-Toilet’ (FBT) may be a successful way in rural areas to protect above said problem.

For this system bio-toilet of durable metal or fiber sheet is to be installed at separate places. Digester tank of this toilet (6x4x4 ft / 5x4x4 ft) to be install on a structure, which will be made by some two side closed & hollow metal pipe, and the structure to be install on ground. Toilet room to be install on it. A small and narrow pit to be dig for entering the water of digester tank into underground. A pipe of 3- 3.5 feet length to be fitted(please see figure) on this pit and out let pipe will be 6-7 feet for which the toilet can floated at suitable height during flood. At outside of pipe of pit, a sponge type rubber to be fitted to its inner position , to protect outgoing of water from pit.(please see figure). To prevent agitate, four wooden pillar to be fitted slackly with toilet & disaster tank by which the toilet can up-down with water level. The roof of toilet (after making shade) may be shelter of goat and chicken. A height adjustable ladder to be fitted from ground up-to toilet room.


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