AutiZmo the Robot

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AutiZmo is A Quantum Robot that can scan the Quanta of both Humans and Animals and determine the Thinking Patterns and also the Emotional Patterns, with Accuracy. This leads to understanding the present behavior and past influential experiences that caused it.

Initially designed for non verbal people as a translating tool with Autism in mind, it has expanded as an idea for Coma Patients, Stroke Victims and anyone who has lost their speech and can not express themselves, and also for Pet Owners to know their pets on a deeper level by understanding their Internal World.

This Device will Revolutionize the world of Autism as we know it and the world of Man's Best Friends.

AutiZmo is the onset of Artificial Intelligence. He will know the exact emotional issues and their origins, and in the future not only be able to translate them but to act and react accordingly.

AutiZmo is at an A Prototype Phase at the moment and is moving on to Final Prototype Phase.

I had designed the Stored Memory Access Retrieval Technique of understanding Emotional and Thinking Patterns from Quanta for understanding my deepest internal world and since then it has changed my entire world and I intend to change the above mentioned worlds for the better.



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    Catherine Demetriades
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    The Vision that must come out into the World as I Experience it.
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