Tobor Robotics Inc. - TIE Humanoid Platform

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Tobor Robotics Inc. is building the TIE (Tobor Innovation Experiment) versatile humanoid robot platform. This platform will combine semi-active mechanisms inspired by the human body with AI to bring about the physical skills and autonomy required for functionality. Currently, the platform is aimed at providing in home care for our aging population. We have intellectual property in the realm of prosthetics/robotics that can be used to build the basis of this robotic platform.

The world today is fast moving and people across the world have problems with work - life balance. The TIE Series will be the first humanoids that can offer a variety of day to day home maintenance and care because it can interact with other machines and humans. This functionality is especially important in the growing elderly population that is growing lonelier as the younger generations have gotten busier. There is also a great need for in-home healthcare to improve the “Quality of Life” of these elders to age in place. This is because there are not enough medical professionals to make house visits or the service is simply not affordable by the families. The TIE platform can provide this in home care for a lower cost with little or supervision from health care providers. Further, the innovations spurred from the development of this technology can also be applied to medical robotics, prosthetics, and bionics.

The growth of 3D printing, with advanced materials, and the introduction of machine learning and AI into mainstream serves as indicators the future will see the rise of a different kind of technology demand. The market is ready for an advancement of this magnitude because in the long run, this technology will disrupt the way things are done. This technology is designed to be versatile and built to scale and has the potential to take over many major industries in the future.


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