Pendle Type Hacksaw and Drilling Machine

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The objective was to design, fabricate and investigate the working of Pedal Driven Hacksaw (PDH). PDH is working on Slider Crank Mechanism. The experiment was done using PDH and plywood, hollow and solid cylinders, PVC pipe etc. Work pieces... The hacksaw is connected with the reciprocating rod. By pedaling the bicycle the reciprocating rod moves to and fro, the hacksaw will be moving with the rod. The plywood, hollow and solid cylinder, PVC pipe etc. to be cut is placed under the hack saw. Thus the plywood, hollow and solid cylinder, PVC pipe etc. can be cut without any external energy like fuel or current. The results indicate that the PDH had given better, accurate and faster cuts when compared with hand hacksaw at different rpm. When compared to the Power Saw the PDH requires only manual power thereby reducing the utility bill considerably. Experimental result shows that cutting depth of about 15 mm can be obtained in one cycle of strokes for around 100rpm. The radial drill also linked with the rotating rod through bevel gear and pulley mechanism also can perform drilling up to 10mm thickness. Here is also possible to convert liner motion into reciprocating. This sentence is apply on our drilling machine. Drilling machine is working on belt drive mechanism, so that while apply peddle force belt is circulation movement and spindle is rotate and cutting tool is rotate and to crate hole in workpiece. We are also used Dynamo. This Dynamo Concept is to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy is used for light tube and fan so that worker is very healthful and provide full facility by this machine.


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    Parikh Maulesh
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