Chroma- Spray Painting Training Simulator

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The problem we are attempting to address through our product, Chroma, is the skilled labor demand in the paint industry in India. By 2020 will have 50 percent of its population in working age group, making it the skill capital of the world. However skilling this population is a challenge considering that 90 percent of them are in the unorganized sector. The remaining population who has received the formal vocational training has picked up the skill through on job training than during their formal training years.

In order to rapidly skill this huge population effectively, Chroma range of simulators are offered to paint training institutes to meet their skilled labor need.

The heart of the product is the 'psychophysics' approach that it imparts to the skill training where the user receives audio,visual cues to the user to correct his hand technique when it goes wrong.
The user while painting receives live instant feedback(which serves as the guidance system) through audio/visual clues such as sound, paint drips,intensity based on his distance,angle,speed and overlap technique so that it could be corrected at the instant when the user commits a mistake.
The touch interface screen allows user to practice in real life like scenarios.
Separate Practice lessons on distance, angle,speed,overlap,wastage control are provided and customized according to the current skill level of the user.

The painter can practice with different paints, pressure, nozzle size and a variety of background work pieces.
The product is in Beta release stage and offers training in airless guns for high performance protective coatings and Aispray (HVLP guns) for vehicle refinish coatings.

The training apart from objectively measuring the skills of the painter, the product drastically cuts down the consumables cost (paint, electricity ,workpiece etc) making it green and VOC emission free.

We believe high quality affordable product that is addressed to Indian context can be adopted anywhere in the world where similar problems are faced.


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    Vivekanandan M
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    Harsha,Nithya, Sabarinath,Suja , Vivek,Aravindh.
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    The day to day problems that our country faces as a roadblock to progress and lack of solutions available for Indian context is the inspiration behind designing the product.
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