Anti Supply Hippo Intelligence Valve

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The main objective of the project is to identify the water flowing in the tap when it has opened when there is no water.. When there is no water in the water tank, the people forget to close the tap at the time. Because normally they may not close the tap while there is no water in the tank. Due to these issues the water is getting wasted while refilling of the water tank. Every drop of water should be conserved; we are in need to give the solution for this problem. In which we are able to give a small contribution to preserve water through our design.

By means of the valve design, it locks the flow line of water when the water gets empty and remains its condition till we release the valve manually. In which the water has to be locked before the valve while the water tap is in open condition. In order to attain these objectives a float should be used for locking purpose. When there is no water inside the water tank, the float locks the path of water flow. When we refill the tank the water directly strike the top of the float. And water try to go downward, so the float is suck by the water and it will help to maintain the float in closed condition, even when the water is present in the water line. When we want the water supply we should open the valve by using the handle of the shaft manually. After opening the valve we again place the shaft in previous position. After opening the valve due to buoyancy force the ball float is trying to floating inside the valve.

The another advantage of the project is the valve only closes when tap is in open condition, If all the taps are in closed condition the valve will not close the water supply, because when the air inside the pipe is replaced by water while water is getting to fill the pipe, the excess of air escapes through valve opening which leads to push the float to upwards and opens the valve when we not in need. If all taps are in open condition air escapes through the opening and the water pulls down the float and the valve is getting locked.

ASHIV can be used in residential where lot of pipe lines are used in which large amount of water can be saved at the time of refilling. It is simple in design as full of mechanical parts and small amount of materials to be needed for manufacturing. The valve is made of acrylic sheet and float is to be in plastic material. The cost of this valve is very low. This type of valve is very useful for rural areas also. When using sensor based taps for the same problem it will cost very high.


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