iGUARD Autonomous Drone

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The autonomous drone is equipped with a GPS or a similar navigation system. The drone follows people for security protection. For example, children playing outside the house out of view of an adult or guardian, and the drone will be able to alert them if a dangerous situation occurs. The drone connects to a cell phone, or smart device to relay and record images and information. Also, the software in the drone communicates with a wristband device, to be worn by a person. Both the autonomous drone and the wristband device will have voice recognition capabilities. There will be communication with police, fire and any of the preferred contacts stored on the cell phone or smart device. In turn this will enable people to connect or alert police, emergency personnel or contacts nearest to the persons location who needs help. They will be able to pinpoint their location connecting with computers and smart devices elsewhere, such as back at the office or at home. There will be an audible sound to let the person know that help is on the way.


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