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Augmented reality is a field of research which deals with the combination of the physical or real world environment with the computer-generated data. It is a live direct view of the physical or real world environment whose elements are augmented (or created) by computer graphics. Currently the problems faced in the construction industry are requirement of skilled workers, tedious measuring instruments, low accuracy level, more time consumption and low economy. So, our project presents an overview of research work focusing on implementation of Augmented Reality (AR) to simplify civil work by digitalizing everything just by using a handy device (mobile technology) to gain a high level of accuracy and completely eliminate measuring instruments.

Benefits: Faster work with highest accuracy, ultimately reduction in cost.

Nowadays most of the focus in the construction industry is on improving concrete and structural parts but the digitalization part is untouched and our product does the same.

Applications : Construction, speedy measurements, repairs and maintenance work, interactive 3D modelling, interior designing as well as in effective marketing.

According to Digi-Capital 2016 AR had a revenue of $120 Billion.

Working: Just open the App scan the tracker and visualize the digital as if its real. For eg-we can get the whole pipeline network behind a wall and perform repair and maintenance work without physically damaging the actual pipe structure

Other Applications : Advertisement, Entertainment, Product based marketing, Assembly instruction to workers, Hotels, Furniture, Education, Live events and movie promotion.

Img 1 - Shows the App interface
Img 2 - Shows 3D model of pipe network when tracker on the demo wall is scanned with the App
Img 3 - 1st part shows 3D model of our college on college magazine (Used for 3D modelling and effective marketing), 2nd part shows inventory use, 3rd part shows architectural plan on tracker which can be used to eliminate measuring instruments completely on real time construction site and the 4th part shows interactive video on the tracker for marketing purpose.


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