Motion Based Message Conveyer With Patient Tracker App for Paralytic People

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The main aim of the project is to implement a low cost reliable system which will help to establish communication between paralytic or disabled patients and a nurse. We use sensors in order to measure the statistics of motion. It then passes on this data to the micro controller. The micro controller processes the data and displays the particular message as per input obtained. The micro controller now displays the associated message on the LCD screen. It also sounds a buzzer along with message as soon as it receives motion signal from the sensor. The patient motion recorder device consists of an RF transmitter in order to transfer the data signal. An RF receiver on the other side receives the data and then decodes it before passing it to the micro controller for processing the input and responding to it. A patient can easily send messages to the nurse by just tilting an accelerator connected to a body part capable of movement. This angle of tilt is sent to a central controller which then initiates communication between the patient and nurse and also decides which message is to be transmitted based on the tilt angle. Each patient will have such a device installed on or around his body and all such patients will be centrally linked to the receiver at the nurse side. If there is a patient who want assistance, then he or she can use this device and the nurse will have an application installed in her android phone which will help her to identify which patient in which room wants her assistance so that she can reach as fast as possible without any delay. Our project provides a reliable, effective and simple yet important solution to various issues faced by nurses in traditionally communicating with disabled patients.We come across hospitals and NGO’s serving disabled people. Now these people are not capable of full body movement as compared to a normal person. In such a situation we propose a system that helps disabled person display a message by just simple motion of any part of his body. Among the large number of advancements done in the medical sector, very few actually focus on helping patients with disabilities to communicate. Although monitoring systems make it easier for doctors to collect and observe a patient’s vitals, there aren’t many options for actual verbal communication for disabled patients. Here we propose a simple yet effective way to solve this age old problem. The main purpose is to replace the conventional approach of patient-nurse communication with modern technologies that provide a much faster and reliable way to do so. In the current scenario, the patient has to be dependent on a family member or mostly a ward boy both of which have to attend to the patient constantly. Our objective is to make such patients independent to communicate with the nurse by the simple task of tilting a device located on his finger or any other . it makes the patient more self.


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