Prevention of Dry Eyes Caused by Computer Use

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Computers, cell phones, and tablets are becoming an essential part of modern life. These devices are usually referred to as Video Display Terminals or VDT for short. Hundreds of millions of the lower and middle class Americans and people of the developing countries spend hours with their eyes focused at VDTs. This process tends to be mandatory because it’s often associated with their jobs. Very often these people carry a smart phone or a tablet thus adding to the total number of hours of using a computer device. These facts caused an increase of the percentage of people experiencing a variety of ocular symptoms. These symptoms include eyestrain, eye fatigue, irritation, headaches, blurred vision, double vision, and tired eyes. These symptoms are collectively called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS for short. The major contribution to CVS seems to be caused by dry eyes.

Blinking is a natural involuntary occurrence that helps keep the human eye moist. Using a VDT causes the user to blink less. Users are usually focused on a screen or using a keyboard and these will cause a dramatic decrease of the blinking rate. This fact causes dry eyes, over periods of time and depending on the persons’ age and VDT usage frequency CVSs will start to appear. The ONLY available solution that exists on the market nowadays is divided into 2 categories:

1. Environmental adaptation such as proper lighting, computer glasses, anti-glare filters, and ergonomic positioning of the VDT with reference to the user’s head and eyes.

2. Direct intervention such as applying lubricating eye drops directly to the eyes.

Given that there are currently no available feasible approach to solve this problem, Wyish Technologies LLC came up with a novel and simple patented approach to do so. The approach goes as follows: A USB powered device is connected to the computer, this device detects computer usage by tracking the mouse and the keyboard. Based on an internal controllable an internal timer secretes a lachrymatory agent and/or an eye lubricating agent in the direction of the users’ eyes. These 2 agent combination serves 2 purposes, the lachrymatory agent causes the tear glands to secrete more tears and thus keeping the eyes moist even with less blinking and the eye lubricating agent causes the eye to be lubricated without any user intervention. This approach is 100% hands-free and it can be used with computers as a preventive method as well as to cure all CVSs that are triggered by dry eyes.



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