MediAdmin - Network for Medical Camps

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The world of medicine works on the recording and interpretation of different patient data available to doctors, and the effective storage of this data is essential.

● Our aim is to implement a firmware on a generic router hardware to create a standalone low-powered wireless network and web server that facilitates wireless networking, file distribution and management and communication across devices connected to the network.
● Accomplished through a web portal, the web portal visualizes the files on the web server for the user to act as an on-the-go server which users can connect to, to access files and views intended for the user.
● The designed router works as a stand-alone device that carries out the administrative work related to a medical camp and allows effective representation of data.
● The Medi Admin creates a network connection for the doctors to work which enables efficient sharing of data related to their patients over the network.


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    Krishna Reddy K
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    Lavan S Prince David R Krishna Reddy K
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