Innovative RK Walker

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Purpose: Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) involves several physical and functional activities, such as standing, walking, squatting, climbing, bathing, grooming, etc.… However, such ADLs may get compromised due to various diseases and disorders where assistive devices play a key role to meet the functional independence. A walker is one of the common devices routinely used by people with locomotors disabilities, following spinal and lower limb dysfunctions where stair climbing up & down remains major challenge to meet ADLs.

Objectives: To understand the process of making/designing an innovative walker for stair climbing up and down, to test and re-test its applicability with healthy adults and patients with locomotors disabilities, to dedicate the outcome of the research work to society to add on quality of care and quality of life of needy people. Aids for stair climbing up and down remains essential area to be focused for patients and therapists perspective.

Interdisciplinary work, Skill, Time and Cost effective approach in designing and testing a walker must be taken into consideration for developing and enriching innovating ideas. The innovative RK Walker observes certain modification are needed to meet it’s the limitation and scopes of development in walking aids for patients with spine and lower limb related locomotors dysfunction.

To design and development “INNOVATIVE RK WALKER” utilize for stair climbing up and down.


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    Anil Kachhadiya
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    Auto-CAD, Crio 2.0
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