Intelligent Mirror for Health Monitoring

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The proposed idea is based on an intelligent bathroom mirror on which the health-related body parameters such as Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, SpO2 level, Weight, Height, Body Mass Index (BMI), Body Temperature, Room Temperature, Bathroom Tap Water Temperature etc. will be displayed in real time.

The daily routine of every person is started with the fresh up in the bathroom. The proposed idea is to make an intelligent mirror which is linked with the different sensors placed in the floor tile which is fixed exactly at the front of the mirror. As the person will enter in the bathroom and looking towards the mirror, they will stand on the floor tile. The floor tile will automatically sense all the listed body health related parameters and display it on the mirror in real time.

If any parameter is beyond the average/set limit, it will give a warning to the person so that the necessary treatment can be done on time for safe health.

This will help to the person to monitor all his health parameters daily or whenever it is required. A history graph can be generated based on requirement.


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