Thermal Energy Storage Phase Change Materials-Baby Incubator

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The application of latent heat storage system using phase change materials (PCMs) is an operative way of storing thermal energy and has the advantages of high-energy storage density and the isothermal nature of the storage process. The concept of maintaining the temperature suitable for the babies to incubate and therefore controlling the fundamentals parameter necessary with the help of phase change materials is the vital objective of this research. The objective of the creation of microenvironment for babies is accomplished by the combination of PCMs, thermal energy storage devices, thermal insulators. Thus, the development of PCM into nano- HVAC components developed phase change thermal energy storage baby incubator. PCMs have been widely used in latent heat thermal storage systems for heat pumps, solar engineering and spacecraft thermal control applications. The application of PCMs in buildings for temperature control applications have been witnessed within the past decade. There are large numbers of PCMs that melt and solidify at a wide range of temperatures, making them attractive in several applications. The continuous increase in the level of greenhouse gas emissions and the climb in fuel prices are the main driving forces behind efforts to more effectively utilize PCMs for the medical applications. The objective of this research is manufacturing of baby incubators to make the babies sustain in adverse environmental conditions specially in the tribal regions where medical aid and hospital and health care facilities are not available at the vicinity.


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    Shivam Yadav
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    The health auburns faced by new born due to weather conditions in the vicinty to my university locality is the inspiration of this project. The increasing toll of death rates of new born has driven me to apply my engineering knowledge to the best of the community service which is a subsidy to me from the community.
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