Ovarian Cancer

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Every year, hundreds of thousands of women become ill with ovarian cancer. A large number of malignant forms are caused by a virus that alters the metabolism in the infected cells. The virus promotes the release of specific proteins stimulating the dividing of the cells.

How it works.
A specific type of steroidal flavonoids binds to the cancer-derived cell-stimulating species to form highly toxic compounds. The high concentration of fission-stimulating substances is only characteristic of diseased cells. Steroidal flavonoids kill only infected cells by depriving viruses of propagation medium.

Side Effects.
Steroidal flavonoids also form toxic compounds with alcohols. Taking alcohol even in minimal doses is incompatible with treatment and can cause side effects. In order to reduce the formation of natural alcohols in the blood of patients, they must follow a strict diet. Reduction of sugars and carbohydrates that could cause the formation of natural alcohols is recommended.

Sources of natural steroidal flavinoids are numerous plants. The combination of three types of plants provides a wide range of steroidal flavonoids that effectively remove cancer cells.

8 out of 10 patients achieved impressive results in the first month. Two of these are therefore removed from the medication program.


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