Rhino Safe Eyeglasses Frame

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The RHINO SAFE eyeglasses frame is a non-invasive alternative for patients subject to rhinoplasty, turbinoplasty or other maxillofacial procedures, during their postoperative care stage. It was ideated as a solution for people that require wearing glasses for their daily activities, but cannot do so given it is strictly prohibited a 3 month period after the surgical procedure, and also as an alternative to contact lenses which, being invasive, can cause problems for the patient, such as dryness, allergies, infections and irritation.

This frame aims to help these individuals during their initial recovery stage, in a non-invasive way, trying to be as close in use to a standard eyeglasses frame, without the inconvenience of contact between the operated area and the product. The objective market are the otorhinolaryngology offices, where patients receive accompaniment from their surgeon after the procedure.

The concept behind the RHINO SAFE frame is born out of the morphology of the human skull, and the occipital and temporal bones as natural anchor points. Its Unique Characteristic of not having a bridge connecting the two lenses, the RHINO SAFE eliminates the weight of the glasses away from the septum, and instead shifts it to the back of the head; and by not having a bridge, it's a safe alternative for the wearer. The magnetized connection system allows a firm wear, while the silicon pads on the sides relieves pressure after prolonged uses. Another added benefit is the intention for this product to be reusable: since its value is based on it being used during the first months after a surgery, it is meant to be returned, cleaned, sterilized and reused by another patient, commiting to an enviromentally susteinable mass production.

These qualities not only help fulfill the objective for the market it aims at, but are also a unique and innovative approach to wearable eye frame design for daily use. There is simply nothing similar currently in the market.



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