Vaccine Puffers

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Vaccines has long been a form of treatment for babies, children and even adults. The inconvenience of pain has formed different reasons to deny treatment and has since caused multiple forms of contagious and curable viruses. The conventional way of administering vaccines has been known to quickly release treatment into the blood vessels and allow the treatment or prevention of the spread of illnesses. Asthma medications are also a preventative solution to relieve strain of breathing and although vaccines and asthma are formed for different solutions the asthma treatments are a sure way of administering medication. Our bodies have adjusted to allow the help from medications to solve solutions. Inhalation is a form of excepting air born viruses, from the common cold to the bird flu and with this fact it proves that our body is excepting to have even more faster contact to our blood stream. After the vaccines are administered the instruments are contained for safety and contamination no longer to be useful. An asthma puffer container is able to cut contamination passed by a vaccine treatment by 100% there's just really no sharp ends making the treatments of vaccines safe for the administer (nurses) and less stressful for any patient there's also the conventional options of including a field of numbers to administer the proper dosage just as the asthma puffer keeps count of uses left. Without fixing what's not broken we are able to continue uses of the vaccine puffer after sanitation and recycle what's no longer needed. History, In 1844 irish phsician Francis Rynd invented the hollow needle and used it to make the first recorded subcutaneous injections specifically a sedative to treat neuralgia. Ok of course the injections are necessary to a certain degree and "I'm not a Doctor" I am unable to say what degree but since were moving tourds convenience we can start with what we know and what we have.


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