An End to End Prescription to Delivery Medical System

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The present proposal addresses the following problems specific to developing/underdeveloped countries like India with a large population of illiterate/semi-literate geriatric patients.

The system envisions a patient friendly medicine packaging system, especially catering to geriatric patients who need regular medicines in take in large numbers throughout the day. Some medicines have requirements that they need to be consumed before or after food intake.

1. Difficult to understand prescriptions
2. Illiterate/semi-literate population
3. Danger of expired /unnamed medicines due to medicines being cut out of strips
5. Medicine requirements during travel
6. Inability to read/understand small prints on the package including name, date of manufacture / expire/ contradictions
7. Failing memory and sight (including for blind)

To address the above problems it is required to have a cost effective tamper proof packaging and easy retrieval of medicines. The system proposed envisages having a integrated doctor-pharmacy-patient system from doctor’s prescription to final packaged dispatch of individual medicines. The doctor instead of prescribing in hand written notes, mostly indecipherable to ordinary people, provides the details on a mobile/tab/computer along with the complete patient’s history. Optionally the system is connected to a data base of medicines which the pharmacy has. The prescription is taken from a pick and choose data base along with the quantity and the time plus dosage for each day of the duration for which the medicine along with the other requirements like before meals, after meals etc.

The prescription provided by the doctor is transferred to the patient and/or pharmacy either through the doctor’s login or through patient login in the required format. The pharmacist removes the tablets out of the respective packaging which is in the form of strips or bubbled packs etc. and drops the required numbers in the individual hoppers. An app with the pharmacist will be used to interact with the packaging machine which provides of the hopper and the tablets which have to go into it. The packaging machine then automatically packs the respective assorted tablets as per the doctor’s prescription and prints the details of the individual packs on the pouch itself. The pouches are in the form of a continuous connected stream in which each one is sealed plastic transparent and airtight to preserve the contents.

The other feature is that the details will be printed in the customer’s native language.
The details include Date :-- -- --, Time, other instructions etc.
So the patient has to take the entire contents of the pouch on the date and time as shown on the individual pouch.
The pouches are COLOUR CODED to indicate the pouch number.
The colour details PRINTED IN BRAILLE for benefit of blind.

The same details are also provided on the app with the patient which provides a reminder alarm at the designated time along with the pouch number which has to be taken.
The patient can then click on the provided icon to indicate the medicine consumption.
The app can optionally communicate with other caretakers.


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