Bed for Bedridden Person

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People are bedridden temporary or permanently for many causes. At this time leaving of excreta and urine is vary suffering work to his/her family or nurse maid. At hospital it is displeasure for another person. To avoid this, I have think an idea, of bed with bio-toilet.

For this system, bed to be make folding system at leg side and one feet to 1.5feet from end of leg side to be make empty (sheet less). This gap is need for standing of person before toilet. By keeping gap for man’s standing; next two feet to be folding system. At this position commode of toilet to be fitted. Water reserve tank of commode to be fitted at wall of head side of bed. Bio-digester tank to be fitted at bellow of commode and out let pipe of water of digester tank and mithen gas to be drawn toward bed’s head side wall through pipe and to be joint with main pipe (which carry more bed’s digester tank’s out let water and mithen gas; in case of hospital). The main pipe of outlet water to be fitted with a big pit which is dig at out side. Mithen gas may be use as energy.

Urine separated system commode can be used. For this system a separate commode can be used. For this system a separate pipe to be fitted for urine and the urine to be store at separate pit at outside of ward/room.


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