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Nowadays approximately 4 out of every 10 people will face medical emergencies due to accidents. Road accidents contribute the largest number of deaths or injuries. These accidents are increasing at an alarming rate of 3% annually. About 10.1% of all deaths in India are due to accidents and injuries. A vehicular accident is reported every 3 minutes and many of these accident victims should be treated within the first hour of the accident and it is termed as ‘Golden Hour’.

During Critical Medical Emergencies such as Road Accidents, Heart Attacks etc.. people are injured severely. In such cases the person must be immediately treated to minimize the risk of his/her life. For the immediate treatment rather waiting for the Ambulance, the Ambulance Drone Service is introduced as an alternative through which First Aid treatment can be done. But if a doctor is not there on spot, through video conferencing facility present in drone the injured patient can be treated until the ambulance arrives.

In order to avoid delay in treating these accident victims through road ways we have come up with an innovative idea of transporting the medical emergency kit to these victims through airways i.e., Drones and the tracking of these drones and controlling them to move in the dedicated paths will be done by the monitoring unit. The role of GPS Module is to provide the precise location of the drone and to travel to the dedicated destination location. An app can be created to provide the alert signal to nearby hospitals or to the doctors so that the victims can be treated within time.

This can be done through an mobile app which notifies the nearby doctors and they can be present in the scenario for any moment further if the doctor finds himself free.The app also helps the doctors/hospitals to find the patients location and the patients conditions at the time of accident. The database of the app can store the information of the patients up to 100,000,000 entries.

This app interlines Doctors, Medical Drones, Ambulance and the hospital all together as a network. The main desire for this innovation/discovery is to save the life of the patient and the death rate after these accidents might get nullified.


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    The delay in providing Emergency/First Aid Vaccines to the victims suffering from various accidents like Road Accidents, Heart Attacks etc... helped us to come up with the chain of networks which provides the aid faster,easier and comfortable both for patients as well as for doctors.
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