Respirator -"SAVER Z03"

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For any Medical Emergency case, the First Hour is called the Golden Hour. Whether the patient will survive or die depends on that hour when the First Aid is made available. Various tensions arise whether the proper First Aid was given or not, was there any human error etc.

Hence to counter those errors a most widely used medical equipment called the Respirator (Resuscitator/BVM) is modified to meet the future demands and accuracies. This equipment is used in almost 98% emergency cases and hence and update of the traditional respirator has been found necessary.

Working Principle:

The mask is attached to an elastic rubber compressor that has swift and rhythmic up and down motion mimicking the compression of the air bag by hand (pro: the machine does not fill fatigue and can continue for a prolonged duration) hence pumping oxygen to the lungs. Further, the digital electronics keep an eye on the vitals of the patient and also can change the freq of cycles of pumping.

Also, few tube inlets are given so as to consider additional emergency cases of dosing anaesthesia during Seizures and shock, transfuse saturated oxygen, remove excess Co2, Intubation etc.

Hence is the updated Version of Respirator which can be easily brought out to aid the Medical Industry after a bit of engineering. The Equipment is named "SAVER Z03"


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