ApnoSafer, a Wearable for Sleep Apnea

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Our objective is to reduce morbidity in Obesity and Sleep Apnea with a new therapeutic wearable device.

We are developing two safe and well known technologies but in a same device. For the first time ever, we are using an already patented wearable device with pulseoximetry and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation.

It has the great and unique advantage that it makes the wearer react by himself. We are changing the way we monitor patients, both as in and out patients. It is easy to use cause is a wearable. You can use wherever you go.

The obese patient will use our wearable while sleeping or after surgery or at flight, when he or she is under a critical situation, such as hypoxia and/or bradycardia, our wearable will send a transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation enough to make him react and end the airway obstruction or restore his heart rate. Our market is the obese patients after surgery in the Post Anesthesia Care Unit. Many times, the bariatric surgery implies more controlled monitoring for the obese patients after surgery. It is very important to send them to their rooms with our device. Also, the obesepatients can benefit from this device at home, because many times these patients also suffer Sleep Apnea. There are 18M Sleep Apnea patients in USA.

Other market is when the CPAP masks are not tolerated as in the Childhood Obesity.

A last target is the obese flight passengers. They would like to wear our device to feel safer while flying, because the oxygen pressure in the cabin is less that on ground.

Our device will not replace the traditional therapies for Sleep Apnea but it will help the patients to sleep safer.


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    Diego Delia
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    Diego Delia MD, CEO Inventor
    Ezequiel Aleman, Business and Finance consultant
    Oscar Delia MD, Board
    DMO Design Company
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    My family, golf, history
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    I like to innovate, more when is something for an unmet need.
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