Next Generation Exercising Machines & Techniques

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Nothing presently exists that offers the innovations and showing the promise of new exercise developments in this field as my idea. This exercise system can be used worldwide, replacing conventional exercise equipment. Thus, the market potential is large.

Key component is the Variable Torque Generating device. This will be a propriety device. and I feel, patentable. The attached sheet (3 Figures) very basically shows the method. Current methods works on one motion, while this method will enable, for instance, biceps and triceps to be alternately worked on (see Figure 1 and 2. Various weight formed characteristics are possible (see Figure 3).

Other important uses would be, physical therapy, employment (insurance matters, etc.) Also, definitive research and development of training technologies. Perhaps new, important training methods will be discovered.

The equipment of this idea could be used in the weightlessness of space (ISS) to a vary important advantage. Since no weights are used, no gravity isn't a problem. Additionally, data feedback would be provided in real-time, either to ground control by way of telemetry, or to the user, in case the astronaut (displayed on the equipment console.


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