Ailtrine (Super Toilet)

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Ailtrine is a combination of ailment and latrine i.e a toilet with the ability to check your health condition. This super toilet has the ability to check your temperature, excrement, and weight. This has the capacity to save a lot of lives with more research the Ailtrine will be able to detect early signs of cancer (specific types). Ailtrine also helps in weight loss activities and dietary programs. This is a basic affordable Toilet with upgrades for high end users. It can be powered by solar or electricity.

Weight - The Toilet seat has a in built thermometer and scale which measures the weight distribution of your torso while sitting down. Rapid weight loss is often missed by individuals who are suffering from some diseases through individual profiling the intelligent toilet will alert you to visit your doctor is it notices such.

Temperature - Humans react to ailments through temperature changes Ailtrine is coded with acceptable temperature ranges and any changes in temperature drops or increments will be notified.

Excrement - Human Waste holds key information on diseases that might be affecting an individual or dietary deficiencies. Ailtrine has a 2 phase waste disposal system which sees waste going into a testing chamber before it is offloaded into the sewer system in this chamber Random Basic tests of Iron, Blood Presence (Stomach Cancer or Colo-rectal Cancer)

Communication - Ailtrine can send individual health alerts to mobile phones of users or display alerts in 3 phases through a beaming LED light, Green for Normal, Orange for Slight anormally, and Red for Emergency Checkup Alert.

How It Works

1. Ailtrine has got the capacity to load 8 individual profiles, Ailtrine communicates with the Ailtrine Mobile App. The Ailtrine App has got a myriad set of functions. See illustration below; every user sets up their own profile in relation to the profile number on Ailtrine.


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