Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has been waging a crusade against the alarming menace of unsafe injections. In 2002, WHO reported up to 70% of injections being given with reused syringes in the developing world, causing 1.3 million deaths, loss of 26 million years of life worldwide and estimated increased medical costs of $1 billion alone in USA annually. There is a spike in new cases, particularly by Needle Stick Injury (NSI) up to 30% of hepatitis B, 41% of hepatitis C and 9% of HIV/AIDS. Increasing lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hormonal problems etc. have promoted steep growth of injections creating ever-growing piles of hazardous medical waste, posing serious health concerns. It has increased global disease-cum-healthcare burden. Conventional safety syringes may, however, prevent its reuse but not NSI. Retractable syringes may also prevent NSI but are beyond reach of common people being highly expensive. Besides, being completely disposable, they create huge amount of medical waste.

Our invention, ‘Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020’ provides a cheaper, safer, greener, more efficient, faster and ergonomic method as well as a device for a sustainable drug delivery system. It consists of a reusable injector and safely disposable drug-cartridge, containing pre-fixed dosage of injectable drugs sandwiched between piston-head and retractable needle. Neither of the two parts are syringe but constitute a self-retractable safety syringe when coupled together, operable like an ordinary syringe. On completion of the injection process, the needle retracts automatically within empty cartridge, which is safely disposed of. Unique LED feature of injector illuminates injection site to facilitate injection during dark hours and also keeps vigil on complete injection procedure. The injector is also attachable with Fluid Collector to safely collect fluid samples without any risk of NSI.

The European Patent Office, while examining our International Patent Application (PCT/IB2016/051060) WO/2016/142799, has opined, “The technical effect of these features is that the injector is reusable while the only parts to be discarded are the needle hub and the medicament cartridge. As a result a cheaper and friendlier to the environment system is achieved without an increased risk of needle injuries.”

Our disruptive innovation provides a versatile, sustainable and inclusive solution to effectively curb syringe-related problems by eliminating syringes itself, by negating the carbon footprint of entire syringe industry. It will effectively reduce NSI almost to zero, which is a chief source and root-cause of all major dreadful diseases i,e. AID/HIV, Hepatitis B & C etc., to curb global disease & healthcare burden. It generates only 25-30% safe non-hazardous recyclable bio-medical waste without incurring any risk of NSI or reuse. Besides, it will also effectively address the menace of counterfeit injectable medicines, illicit drug abuse, contamination, and wastage of expensive drugs.

Our invention will democratize healthcare system by making it equally affordable and accessible to all. It will ensure fullest achievement of WHO’s initiatives to completely replace conventional syringes with safety syringes by 2020, meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by multi-fold benefits to healthcare system and fighting grave challenges of healthcare sector’s contribution to Climate-Change to achieve the highest goal of securing a safe, healthy and dignified ‘Right to Life’ for all.


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    Jai Hind Rathore
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    Ms. Bharati Rathore, Ms. Pratibha Rathore, Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Rathore, Dr. Bhuvan Chandra Rathore
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    WHO Report 2000 on Needle Stick Injuries, HIV, Hepatitis B & C, other communicable diseases as well as every day growing huge piles of hazardous bio-medical wastes everywhere.
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