MEDDIAR-A Medical Diary

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This project aims to provide an effective and easier way to access history of medical prescriptions by patients with minimum effort. It has the following advantages:
– Ease of viewing the history of medical prescription.
– Very reliable (can receive messages even if the app is not on).
– Records prescription history.

The nearest app we can think of is Practo application but it does not have any features of storing prescription it can only fix appointment with doctor. Our project is a novel approach which will create an efficient method for storing the prescription details for reference in future. It helps the patients to view their medications anytime, anywhere through your phone. This project provides an easy and effective mechanism to keep track of our medication.. Patient store the history of various prescriptions and can use in future for reference.

The layout of the app contains links to admin’s, doctors’ and patients login panel. There are three user levels assigned they are 1. Administrator 2. Doctor 3. Users or patients with their respective Aadhar card number or Username and password is verified with the database. If both are correct and if it is the administrator who has logged in then he can add new doctors with their details. The doctor has the privilege to view the patient details and enter the details of the prescription of each patient into the Meddiar app. He can also update the prescription for new medicines. After the prescription details are filled by the doctor into the Meddiar app it is send to a Meddiar app, installed in the patients phone, using Google cloud messaging(GCM). The patient can view the prescription details, stored in the app, whenever he wants.

A app/software has been developed for entering the prescription details which is sent to the Meddiar App/software present in the patient’s phone using Google Cloud Messaging.
Two people have access to the App/Software – Admin, Doctor.

They can access the website by logging in using their respective Aadhar card number/username and password
A feature will also be included which will enable the patient to interact with doctor, in case the patient needs immediate consultation or attention.

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