Self Powered Nebulizer

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Focusing on the rural areas of the world where electricity is in scarce, sustainable devices are needed to be developed. Nebulizer being the simplest medical device was considered and redesigned to bypass the power requirement limitations so that a human without any assistance could operate it.

A nebulizer was designed which could be operated by a human being without electrical or any other power source.One of the reasons for Pakistan being so worse in the health sector is the electricity shortage the country is facing and there are rare signs of betterment for the next 5 to 10 years. Keeping in knowledge that there are multiple medical equipment that can be used without electricity as a power source. Nebulizer being one of that health care equipment is used by people normally young children and old age people. Over 6.9 million Pakistanis have respiratory diseases as per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics. Our goal is not just manufacturing it but also making to it accessible to the common people by installing it in different rural areas with the help of NGO’s and hospitals.



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    Muhammad Azeem Uddin
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    Khubaib Ghadai, Muhammad Azeem, Rahim Daud, Talal Khan
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    The present condition of medical equipment and other necessities in the rural areas motivated me to incorporate these issues into my mechanical engineering ambitions. I want to use a combination of simpler designs in order to achieve complex goals. This enables the easy manufacturing and maintenance of the products designed by me.
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