Lightweight, Belt Mountable Oxygen Therapy Machine

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In 1989 the company that originated desiccant materials offered a new version of the material to the industry, which subsequently 100% refused stating they would be forced to re-educate their workforce. It remains today, the same scenario, patients, are demanded to carry a five or 7-pound machine in a bag on a shoulder strap or tanks on a cart or in a worse! With the new technology, upgraded features, a belt mounted oxygen concentration device that weighs less than a pound. This premium unit adds five more liters to the maximum capacity. By taking advantage of previously patented and extended technology, this device is completely within today's realm. When they were unable to sell the new technology they originator supplied me with one canister of the new material of which I used a vacuum chamber to remove a slight amount of material for experiments. It is now possible to create this device for use, at low to moderate cost. A long service lifetime, a permanent quick-charging battery that uses a UL approved wall transformer as its charging interface. Mainly constructed of technical ceramic, the device is durable and sturdy enough to survive abuse, never to pose a danger of any manner. A definite plus for any oxygen therapy patient!

Device dimensions: 4 inches square by six inches long.
Device weight: 13.74 oz.
Device operation-1: Silent, at the highest output a sound from the fan may be heard.
Device operation-2: 22 hours at minimum output 8.0 liters per minute.
Device operation-3: 11.2 hours at maximum output 25.0 liters per minute.
Device operation-4: Maximum charge time (15 minutes or less) Operation continues during charge.
Device operation-5: Clip-on washable HPEA eliminates particulate matter entering the compressors.
Device operation-6: IOT/Bluetooth/Wifi allow the device to appear on the net of things.
HPEA filter 2 supplied.

Patented or pending utilization:

The circulating ball cone compressor (patented), silent, vibration-less operation;
Cerfite-Blower high-capacity centrifugal blower (Stall proof, cannot burn out). (patented).
Therm-O-Electric Battery (patent pending).
Multistage Rotating Sieve bed (patent pending).
Multi-Layer construction with internal pipes.(patented)


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