Wonder Glove

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We started looking into the toughest problems in Nigeria. Heath has been a main problem here.
Talking about health we thought of using technical means in our field of study in trashing such problems. We considered the availability of materials in solving such problems and the gravity of the health problem to be solved, so we concluded by looking into heart-related illness and with some body temperature abnormality.

We came up with idea of a soundness glove system.

The device measures the human pulse and body temperature simultaneously. Is a very user-friendly device. It consists of an LCD screen which helps display the results of the check. It has 3 buttons which help us to enter 3 different functions into the microcontroller. One of which is the start button which enables to start monitoring.

Second which is the health status button which tells us if it's normal or abnormal on the LCD screen. It also consists of two LEDs which indicates the health status, of which one is red (which indicates abnormal) and the other blue (which indicates normal).

The third is the reset button which enables to restart the process.

All you need to do is to put on the glove and start monitoring. No stress!

The glove will enable you to be able to check your heart rate and body temperature anywhere in the globe because it is portable without always going to see a doctor.

This system can be used at the gym to monitor heart rate for fitness.

It is a medical device that can be use at the clinic based on its user-friendly nature


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    Jones Obenobe
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    I really want to make an impact in the health sector Nigeria as it has so many problems today.
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