Smokeless Gas Cylinder Stove With Wood Drier

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Modifying old unused gas cylinder into a smokeless stove for cooking, heat radiated while using it is used for drying wood.
My concept proposes for a technology to convert old gas cylinders into smokeless gas cylinder stove which can be used by poor to cook food, the conversion process will help create new jobs as well.

Wood, twigs and coal can be burnt inside the modified cylinder chamber and this heat is transferred to the bottom of the container used for cooking, there is an air intake fan which sucks in oxygen required for combustion and by regulating the flow of air, the rate of flame in the combustion can be controlled. The smoke is carried away through pipes making it smokeless.

Since the gas cylinder is made of metal the heat radiated while using this stove can be used for drying wood for further use, it acts like a heater or drier for removing water from wood and making ideal fire wood.
The firewood can be dried by placing it adjacent to the smokeless gas cylinder, the heat radiated while cooking will be enough to dry the fire wood. Since the firewood is kept open to the air the drying of wood takes place faster removing moisture and improved evaporation of moisture from wood as the surrounding air is heated up due to the use of smokeless gas cylinder. Also the smoke from the gas cylinder can be taken out through the pipe which eliminates a major problem of choking due to smoke while cooking which is a serious problem faced by women indulged in cooking in places where they have no gas stoves available.

Drying capacity:-

The weight of different types of wood varies so drying capacity in terms of size is almost equal to space available around the gas cylinder of 320 mm diameter heat radiation source and 700 mm height.

So capacity comes around 700 mm of wood stacked around a diameter of 320 mm which is enough for household sustainable drying wood, the heat wasted during cooking is captured and used for drying wood which makes the system highly energy efficient.

Capacity and inventory: - Based on size of the cylinder it is possible to make the smokeless gas cylinder stove in various sizes, small, medium and large. So it will be applicable to a wide variety of cylinders. It is mobile and can be easily transported just like a gas cycinder.
This technology also gives a easy way to dry wood as the heat radiated is used for drying fire wood and once it is dry it can be used directltly in the stove.
Reuse of cylinders help save energy as recycling a metallic cycinder consumes a lot of energy during melting the metal and manufacturing process.
​The conversion process will help create some jobs as well, as people are required to transform the cylinder into a stove.
It solves the problem of choking smoke while cooking also.



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