Bioremediating Missile

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I will initiate a project that involves building a replica of a V2 rocket. Well actually it will be the Bioremediating Missile. The project is being developed under the fictitious company Ecological Space Engineering and is engaged in speculative design to improve the quality of life on Earth. The Bioremediating Missile will be built from biodegradable materials like wood, hemp textile, and clay. Inside there will be seeds, spores, minerals, water and biological rest materials. It will be a symbol for the state of the world, reflecting on the ecological crisis, technology, war and the role of human beings.

This missile is part of the Atmosphere Remediation Center project.

Atmosphere Remediation Centers are launch plateaus located in the outer spheres of our Earth, these plateaus contain Bioremediating Missiles. The ARC project starts in 2017, first we will collects all kind of biotic and abiotic constituents, particular to each individual ecology within the geosphere. These constituents will be numbered, named and stored in the Bioremediating Missile. Each missile will have its own coordinates linked to a specific area. ARC’s can assist our biosphere in times of desperation, Bioremediating Missiles will bring back the diversity of plant and fungi life with the prospect they are able to bio-remediate contaminated soils, water and air.

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    Jos Volkers
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    Missile Defence systems in Europe
    Global homogenization of flora and fauna
    My critical observation on sustainability
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