Paddy Weeder for Random Sowing of Paddy

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Title: Paddy Weeder for Random Sowing of Paddy

Small Tool – More work

Presently no tools are used to remove the weeds in paddy fields. Humans stand in the field and bend and remove the weeds with hands and then submerse the weeds in mud slurry, so that the weeds decompose in the fields. Standing and bending to remove the weeds in the mud fields imposes strain on the human body, 10 to 15 people are required to remove weeds in 1 acre of a paddy field. At least two times weeds are removed in the paddy field. Total of 20 to 30 man days are needed to remove weeds in paddy fields. Need based tool developed for the rice fields. Tool has been examined successfully in paddy fields, one agriculture labour removed the weed with in 3hrs.Farmers are investing 4000 to 5000 rupees removing the weed (two times) in one acre for one crop. If farmers are used this tool ,they can save their money 2000 to 3000 rupees for one acre . Tool is suitable for random paddy as well as machine planting paddy. Weed removal tool applied for patent rights.

1. To reduce the strain on the human body in weeding operation in paddy fields.
2. To reduce the number of man days needed to remove weeds in the paddy fields.
3. To reduce the cost of removing weeds in the paddy fields.

A person holds the handle of weed remover tool with both the hands. As the height of the vertical member is 60 to 70 cm, if a standing person holds the handle of the weed remover tool, the + shaped member is almost touching the ground or very near to the ground shown in fig. The person will put +shaped part on the weed and presses downwards. The weed will get buried in the slurry. As the person does not have to bend much in the operation of weeding, he will remove weeds in more area per given time unit say per hour. It will be less expensive.

Construction : Tool is made of iron, Horizontal pipe ( ½ inch size) 2 feet width weleded together with the vertical pipe (1/2 inch size) made like a T- shape, under the vertical pipe, medium size two rods with “ + “ shape welded together under the vertical pipe. Tool cost is 500 rupees.

Presently a human being bends 90° at hip level and removes the weeds with hands. With the present invention, a human bends 15° at hips level and puts + on the weed plants and gently presses the handle. The weed plant gets buried in mud slurry and gets decomposed into fertilizer. As the human being is bending only 15°, it is less strenuous. As a result a human being will be able to remove more weeds per unit of time, say per hour. Low cost.


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