A Powerful Electricicty Generator Whose Function Depends Upon Electromagnetic Phenomena

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Finally, here is the solution to the world's requirement for power, with no carbon footprint, and no more need of fossil fuels! This new-technology electricity generator functions uniquely according to known principles of electromagnetic induction, and requires no external power or fuel, and is patented (US 8,847,720). The power output depends upon the frequency of the inducing current, making a very small generator extremely powerful. It is modular and scalable; as there is no fuel, there is no danger of fire or explosion, and there is no carbon footprint. Having no moving parts, practically no maintenance is required.

A DC to AC switch used has a maximum of 780,000 cycles per second, compared to 180 cycles per second in current generators. Such high frequencies of inducing current generate extremely high power output. It creates high-frequency cyclic magnetic fields in and around the wires of a series of inductors, which are linked in a parallel circuit. These field's concentric lines of force propagate and collapse, in relativistic time, as they traverse the wires of the inductees, which are also linked in a parallel circuit. A cyclic voltage and current flow is induced in the inductees, which is the power output of the generator.

Power generation is an obvious use. Even the largest generators of this type require minimal infrastructure, and would have low operating costs. They may be sited in or near the site of consumption, and may be linked in order to provide any amount of power required, on demand. They may be shut down, to be started again as demand requires, They can power the propulsion systems for all types of land vehicles, maritime vessels, aircraft and spacecraft,

The parallel circuitry of the inductors and inductees, provides inherent redundancies, allowing continuous generation even if some components become damaged or defective. Shielding prevents the magnetic fields from leading out.

The only external energy source required by these generators is a battery, which supplies the current for the initial cycle(s) of DC current to a high-frequency DC to AC switch in a computerized control module, which then supplies a high-frequency AC current to the inductors. This creates high-frequency cyclic magnetic fields, which induce voltage and current in the wires of a series of surrounding inductees, as output of the generator. Part of that current is available to a load, and may be regulated so that any voltage, current amperage, number of phases, and frequency may be supplied. The other part of the inductee's induced current output is fed back to the inductors, supplying the current for subsequent cycles, and the battery is then removed from the circuit.

This generator is the answer to the world's need for clean, renewable, sustainable energy.


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