Freedom Mass Transit

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Solar Transportation Technologies announces designs for a Solar Powered Nationwide Mass Transit system based on self-driving electric cars and high-speed weather proof toll roads.

The system is to be funded by Public / Private Partnership with a 30% government investment. In 15 years government tax revenue from the Nationwide Mass Transit system could top $315 billion annually with total gross annual revenue in excesses of $788 billion at 45% of total miles driven.

The Nationwide High-speed network is accessed via stations that ensure the vehicles are fit for high-speed travel. The toll road powers the electric cars from solar panels covering the roof of toll road providing weather proof travel. The self-driving electric cars are controlled by the system and merged into traveling groups of 5 or 6 vehicles to save energy. Usage fees of 45 cents per mile pay for the tollway, electrical energy used, and vehicle rental. This new integrated mass transit system is call Freedom Mass Transit. It creates a low cost, high-speed nationwide travel system in which users can travel in one vehicle from start to finish.

Here is a trip example: New York City to Boston.

An older couple living in Manhattan want to visit their new grandson in Boston. They use a smartphone app to call for a self-driving car to pick them up at their home the next morning at 8am. Oh, they also want the travel limo to bring them a continental breakfast. The next morning the limo arrives at 8am, they load their bags in the trunk and get in the car. The car confirms the trip to the children’s home will take 1 hour and 49 minutes and will cost $92.10, the breakfast is extra.

The trip begins with a five-minute self-driving electric limo ride to the mass transit station. The station checks that the car is fit for the trip (tires, motors, electronics, computers etc.). The limo warns the couple to secure belongings and fasten their seat belts as they are about to launch into the high-speed toll road. It will feel about the same as taking off in a commercial jet. Once on the toll road the couple enjoys their breakfast and watches the scenery pass by from their elevated view. They are moving along at 140 mph and are 20ft above the ground. They could choose to watch the news, read a book, have a drink, or take a nap. In 1.5hrs the car warns that they will be exiting the toll road in 3 minutes and they need to store their stuff, fasten their seat belts, and to prepare for stopping. The car exits the toll road and comes to a stop in the station. Is a restroom break needed? If not, then off to see the grandkids, six minutes away. A low stress, single vehicle trip of less than two hours means they could spend the day with the grandkids and be home by 8:30pm. (The current driven time is 4 hours 17 minutes.)


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