Magnetic Renewable Engine

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The Magnetic Renewable Engine is a clean and green Mechanical Renewable Energy System powered by electricity. It is the combination of two systems, the Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine and an Electrical Supply System.

The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine is the combustion engine without the combustion. The secret lies in “Can a magnetic force push down on a piston” which culminated into the development of the Magnetic Chamber. This research concluded with an US Patent #7,557,473. The Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine uses Magnetic Energy from an electromagnet, which is powered by electricity, in the Magnetic Chamber to turn a crankshaft. The Magnetic Chamber moves in a linear motion, that motion is converted into a rotating motion by a crankshaft. Allowing the crankshaft to produce horsepower and torque every haft stroke. The crankshaft can be connected to a transmission for Transportation or a generator for Electricity Generation.

The Electrical Supply System, does not create energy, it’s a converter which starts with stored electricity. It takes electricity from a battery, converts it to Magnetic Energy using electromagnets, and converts that Kinetic Energy to Mechanical Energy using the crankshaft. The electricity, stored in a battery, is the primary energy source. The energy is send to electromagnets which turn that electricity into Magnetic Energy, magnetic force. The magnetic force is used to turn a crankshaft. The crankshaft will increase the energy using mechanical advantage and send that Kinetic Energy, Mechanical Energy to two places: [1] Sends part of the energy as electricity, by turning an alternator, back to the battery and electromagnets. [2] Sends the remaining energy, Mechanical Energy, using a shaft which can turn ether a generator or a transmission.

The Magnetic Renewable Engine can produce various amounts of horsepower and torque. The horsepower is controlled by two things, the size of the crankshaft which dictates the amount of magnetic force needed from the electromagnets and the number of Magnetic Chambers.

Magnetic Renewable Engine
• NO Fossil Fuels
• No Fuel Cost
• Zero Emissions
• Renewable Transportation - Unlimited Range
• Renewable Electricity

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