Perpetual HHO Transfusion Engine

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The HHO powered engine runs in a sealed loop, circulating noble gas with HHO electrolysed from water. The input is 6 watts from driven alternator, and output around 35,000 kw. Engines are not cylinder engines rather compressionstroke and compressionless engine cores that displace twice there volume per rev, power strokes per rev is defined by number of combustion chambers squared.The engine cores are ceramic construction and around 85% efficient running in perfect circular motion, with ports for gas flow no moving valves, A 1 litre compressionless rotor engine requires 40 amps on the electrolysis cell to spin at 3,000 revs p/m and produce around 35,000 kw running at 40 amps. remember 1 amp 1 hour makes 6 litres of HHO. the loop works like this, electrolysis cell, HHO out, burn in engine core, water collected by cooling exhuast gas and then fed back to electrolysis chamber to make more HHO with original recycled water, water via transfusion to HHO and back again when exploded to form water again and then it can be re- electrolysed time and time again. About 800 km to i litre of water then it can be recycled ,please note all nitrogen has to be removed from the loop prior to filling loop with noble gas, the circulating gas will not combine with fuel elements when exploded but expands and contracts with temperature, exhaust temperatures can be as low as zero kelvin when sped up in velocity in the sealed loop in the exhaust after engine core, any nitrogen will produce NOX in the loop and degradation in efficiency over time, combustion temperature are 6,000 deg C to 600,000 deg C and pressures of over 24,000 psi in combustion pressures.. the system works and has been deployed on an Australian submarine after sending plans to Australian Submarine Corporation around 1998 but was un-patentable when invented in 1985 as perpetual motion patents were unacceptable, Toyota Stated after evaluation that the deign invalidates the 2nd law of thermodynamics but lacks commerciality without on going fuel costs. The generator can be changed to a DC type and placed in a pure nitrogen atmosphere to give the device Anti-Gravity as this is the dispulsion of lenses law which lense said you would have anti -gravity if dispelled, no back eddy currents through the oxygen the usually surrounds the generator, and is magnetic and conductive in comparison with nitrogen inert. the engines can be used anywhere, in space under water, cars, trucks, planes, power generation at a household level or country /state level. the engines are all absolutely zero gas emittions as everything is contained in the sealed loop for recycling of all circulating loop elements being HHO and noble gas and some water vapour.


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